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    LEDTRIC is completely new to the aquarium lighting game, and already they’re claiming their LEDTRIC iNSPIRE to be “the best in its class”. What class of reef aquarium LED fixtures that exactly* is we are not exactly sure, but it is nonetheless a bold claim. On paper the fixture does however some nice feautures going for it. The fixture for example beside looking quite interesting is designed to be easily taken apart featuring no glue whatsoever with parts that are modular and easily replaceable.

    In case a fan breaks or the splash shield cracks or a LED module burns out the parts can be easily replaced by the consumer. This is actually a pretty big feature as many other fixtures are not able to say the same. The fixture furthermore features a full color spectrum with five colors which are controllable via a remote. The LEDTRIC iNSPIRE also has some neat features like turning off the fans when not needed or shutting off the fixture in case it overheats.

    What kind of LEDs are used however is not said, and we can only assume that no-brand LEDs are used with possibly doubtable spectrums and/or longevity. Obviously the latter certainly does not have to be the case, as SICCE is not releasing the brand of their LEDs either, and we’re pretty sure that they wouldn’t compromise on quality, but it is a concern. What we do know is that the LEDs are run at 700 mA which means around 3 watt per LED.

    The LEDTRICiNSPRE uses 55 LEDs however and is advertised to use a total of 150 watt, adding in power supply we can only assume that the LEDs are actually run at a bit lower wattage. What the body is made out of (aluminum or plastic) we also do not know and we cannot back up build quality either. ETA and pricing are currently still unavailable, but we do know that the fixtures have to be priced pretty competitively to make true to their claims. More info on the fixture can be found on their website.




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