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    If we had to pick a suite of LED colors to pack into a single spotlight, it would look a lot like the new LeDio RS073 DeepUV. We know some of you may think that the multicolor LED trend can get out of hand sometimes, and it does, but if a broad spectrum of color rendition is important to you than having five shades of blue and two shades of white ought to really be appealing.


    Eiji Myorin of the Japanese site 1.023world got first crack at the DeepUV version of the LeDio RS073 and he shared with us these fine close up shots of it. Like many of Volx’s LeDio series spotlights, the LEDs are clustered pretty closely under a cluster lens, with a substantial heatsink to manage the modest 19 watt power consumption. The beam angle is expectedly tight, narrower than we’d like but the use of the waffling surface should help blend the colors and soften the lines.


    What makes us particularly intrigued with this spotlight is definitely the choice of colors; there’s no frivolous colors like red, green or amber. The use of Philips Rebel ES cool white gives a nice punch of PAR and so does the warm white but the latter is a great warm stroke of color to balance out the blues and keep the light’s color from being too frosty blue.

    And what a set of blues there are in the Ledio RS073 DeepUV, they’re labeled right on the motherboard. The Philips Rebel continue to handle the cyan, blue and royal blue LEDs, peaks at 495, 470 and 450 nanometers, while SemiLED’s 420 and 400nm diodes blanket the low end of the near-UV spectrum.

    The LeDio RS073 is far from the first attempt at making a blue-heavy LED spotlight by Volx Japan, and in fact they’ve grown increasingly good at it. FIrst we had the LeDio ReefDeep, the Ledio Twenty Seven*included a 27 watt ReefBlue*and now we have the LeDio RS073. Other colors in the RS073 series are selling for*¥*12,980 (~$133) but those exotic near-UV LEDs probably bump the price of the DeepUV up a little bit. [Volx Japan]

    Grassy-LeDio-RS073-1.jpg Grassy-LeDio-RS073-6.jpg

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