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    Lifeguard Aquatics’ LED Thermometer is the first submersible device of its kind in a hobby where the LEDs are currently getting all the attention for lighting. We’ve seen submersible LCD thermometers, but this is the first time we are going have access to a discrete and highly readable LED thermometer that is placed right inside the water. We keep analog and digital thermometers in the tank and in the sump but they are very hard to read, and only the external LCD thermometers also from Lifeguard Aquatics actually get checked on a regular basis.

    The only drawback to having a large bright LED display in this thermometer is that all that brightness uses more power than your watch battery can handle for long, so this device will have to be plugged in and less then five feet from an outlet. Having an aquarium computer monitor the aquarium water over a long period of time is nice and all but the high visibility of Lifeguard Aquatics LED thermometer should be well worth the estimated $25 retail cost. The temperature of the aquarium water is arguably one of the most important parameter for keeping stable healthy fish and coral aquariums so we’ll definitely be trying out a few of these on our own aquariums.
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