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    The LED showdown is winding down and we’re looking for you to share which is your favorite LED light we covered last year. The field is whittled down to the Elite Eight and some powerhouse lights are in the mix along with a few surprises. Is this a head-to-head*performance evaluation? No, rather we are just asking you to tell us, given the opportunity to have both lights in each bracket in front of you, what would you choose? Polls will close on Thursday, January 22 at 11 a.m. PST.

    Note: In Round two several votes were removed from companies participating in illegal activities. You might have noticed the results change once we removed these illegal votes. Using automated bots to register votes is not allowed folks! Because of this, results are now hidden from public viewing and will be released after the polls closed.


    Tunze LED Strip Lights vs.*Kessil A350/A350W Spotlight

    The*Tunze LED strip lights*are waterproof with magnetic mounts with*two channels of LEDs which will be independently controllable with the Tunze multicontroller. The*Kessil A350*and*Kessil A350W*are powerful spotlight pendants with*multiple LED colors, two channels of manual control, inaudible active cooling and a great price.

    Take Our PollAquaticLife 3W/1W vs. Maxspect Razor

    The*AquaticLife 3W*flagship light comes in at a total of 78 watts, made up of white, blue, royal blue and red Cree LEDs. The fixture is fully dimmable and allows up to 18 programmable color combinations, and features like cloud and storm simulation.*The*Maxspect Razor*replaced the individually replaceable LEDs with*multiple*diode printed circuit boards to make swapping out LEDs much easier. The Razor also has a built-in controller, dual channel control, and six time points per channel to set your lighting schedule.

    Take Our PollAcanLighting Prism vs. Elos E-Lite 3

    The*AcanLighting Prism LED*is a veritable cornucopia of different LED colors with more than eight colors of LEDs*AcanLighting Prism has three channels of color control.*The*Elos E-Lite 3*features customization and*upgrade-ability*options with interchangeable tops for easy color matching with your room and features replaceable LEDs.

    Take Our PollAquaIllumination Vega Color/Vega Blue vs.*Pacific Sun Triton R2

    The*AquaIllumination Vega Color*and*Vega Blue*lights each have 20 channels of control independently of the others with wireless control.*The*Pacific Sun Triton R2*is a*modular LED aquarium fixture with a blend of 10 different LEDs grouped into eight channels of control that is available as either master or slave unit.

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