LED Recommendation

21 Jul 2014
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Cape Town
Im thinking of upgrading my AquaMedic 6x39W T5 to a comparable LED unit to save power and money from not having to buy new bulbs each year.

The AquaMedic is currently running over a 1.1m (L ) x 0.55m (W) x 0.55m (H) tank.

* The LED should be comparable in power and intensity - I want the same/more growth and nice color rendition.
* The LED light spread needs to cover the most of/entire tank - Corals are mostly situated in the center of the tank but there are some on the edges.
* The LED should be affordable - Id like to be able to sell the AquaMedic + add cash to cover the difference, but dont want to break the bank.

Im open to getting second-hand (good condition) or new or will even trade for the AquaMedic + Frags.

Any suggestions are welcome.