LED mount for Red Sea 350

23 Jul 2022
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Good morning all.

Just wanted to share what I have done with my LED mount and the costs around it.

I bought a zetlight qmaven 2 6600 for my Red Sea 350.

I originally used the included mounting legs from Zetlight knowing that it was installed too low to the water level.

I followed the BRS recommendation of 15 inch / 381mm above the water level for the best Par values.

You can see the video here :

I decided to use all the original hardware supplied by Zetlight and just change the standoffs.
I didn't want the hang this from the ceiling as I wish to keep the tank complete and one physical unit.

I got some 6mm round bar from builders for R60.
I bent and cut them to length and painted them silver.

Pro, very cheap and looks original.
Con, the metal rods might rust and will need periodic repainting / power coating.


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