LED Lighr repairs.

26 Dec 2016
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Port Elizabeth
Hi all,

Hope you are all well.

I am offering my services to all MASA Members at well priced repairs. All components are at cost if available or an alternative will be used. Labour is at a minimal cost just to cover my costs such as power, consumables and time.

I repair lights from maxspect, eco tech radion, zetlight and many other brands too.

LED puks which require replacement leds are repaired using latest induction heating which does not damage the puk, other leds and does not burn the circuit.

Alterations also carried out on LED lights where parts have been discontinued and you dont want to get rid of your favorite light. Many brands do not import or carry stock and imporring is a costly afair. Maxpect R420R 300w to replace led puks, power modules, controller and fans cost excluding import duties and shipping is nearly R14k. My method saves time, money and downtime so your tank doesn't suffer with no light orl light changes.
Choices are usb and WIFI controller (A100 or A200 required) and one had more control over the light unit. Thermal fans are still utilized for cooling.

LED units are also built on special request depending on your requirements.

I have many references which may be contacted in regards to work ethics, quality of build compenents utilized and the success of their tanks and coral growth. Like metioned before all units built will be controllable via usb or wifi. Wifi inits are built into the the light unit itself. No wiring is visiable. I would build as if I was building for myself.

So any MASA member gets it at virtually cost, shipping will be for end users account.

Please PM me and and I will send you my contact details to discuss further.

Best regards



22 Jan 2019
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Did you mange to make those lights with the modules that can be used for both fresh and mairne tanks?
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