RSS leaping blenny is like a mudskipper that was made from a blenny

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    The Pacific Leaping Blenny, Alticus arnoldorum, is an unusual amphibious fish species which spends a lot of time hopping and skipping on rocks. The leaping blenny looks a lot like a mudskipper with strengthened pectoral fin rays and large eyes placed high on top of its head. Alticus arnoldorum is closely related to the brachiosaur blenny, Omobranchius anolius, and you can see the large specimen above shows the large well developed crest that is typical of males. With their propensity for the water’s edge, the leaping blenny is a poor choice for a typical reef tank but there’s always room to innovate the aquarium state of the art, like the intertidal zone of the volcano reef tank.

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    Very unusual...not really cute, but the more I look, the better he gets..:p
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