RSS Leak Controller LCS Series Leak Detector is one ingenious and handy device

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    The*Leak Controller LCS Series Leak Detector is one handy device for anyone with a RO/DI system or ATO to protect against a leak or accidental overfill. This battery-operated device senses water leaks, engaging a shut-off valve and sounding an alarm to alert you to the leak.*Anyone who’s had an “Oh, S*#t!” moment with an ATO or RO/DI system overflow knows the damage that water can do to you equipment and home *making this a handy insurance policy.

    The premise is simple. Water is a great conductor of electricity and the sensor contains two*conductors*on an open circuit. In the case of a water leak, the water completes the circuit signalling the controller to trigger the shut-off valve and sound the alarm. The alarm continues until you manually reset the device.

    You can connect the Leak Detector to either 1/4 or 3/8 in. plastic tubing with the simple Mur-lok® fittings and a two-screw*mounting*plate makes it easy to install anywhere it is needed. Plus, since it is operated with four AA batteries, there is no need for an electrical outlet nearby. You can also easily extend the coverage of the device by daisy chaining additional sensors together.

    The Leak Detector runs around $49.99.*For more information, read the official PDF flier.
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