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6 May 2007
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Hi All

A few months ago I put in 3 lawnmower blennys and one by one they dide, I found the my Bi-color Dotty Back was the one killing them off. I took him out and he has been in the sump for a while and the last lawnmower blenny has brown into a fat pig as he had had an all you can eat feast in my algae tank. Every time I put a fish in he gives em trouble. He has already killed a fire fish. I drained my sump on the weekend and felt sorry for the Dotty Back so gave him a try to see if he would behave. The lawnmower gave him a good klap and I have just found the dottyback hiding in a small piece of pipe. He has not been out for 3 Day's now.

How can I get the lawnmower to calm down and be friends will new stock?
Put him in the sump while your new fish are getting used to the tank. (Easier said than done though). I'd also be cautious/careful to put more than one lawnmower blenny in the tank unless you have a really large tank, they have a tendancy to fight in my experience.

if u sent me the dottyback as u said u wud , u wudnt have this problem ......
I have noticed that single numbers of types of blennies seem to fight between each other. I have also noticed that larger numbers of blennies (and their families) have been kept with quarrelling in LFS tanks. So it seems that you should either stick to one, or have many......
Seems like most grazers have got aggresion issues
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