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    Hi Guys.

    We've received the following from Sri-Lanka.

    Tangs-Scopas @ R189.00ea, Powder Blue @ R369.00 (Lrg), Clown @ R189.00ea.
    Angels-Yellow Fin, Cream & Blue Fin @ R129.00ea.
    Butterfly-Citron @ R129.00ea, Pakistani @ R235.00ea.
    Goby-Diamond (Sandsifting) @ R129.00ea, Smith's @ R119.00ea, Ladder Glider (Sandsifting) @ R129.00ea.
    Wrasses-Dusky @ R139.00ea, Jewel @ R149.00ea, Social Fairy @ R159.00ea, Cleaners @ R98.00ea.
    File Fish @ R129.00ea, Pixy hawkfish @ R139.00ea, Coral Damsels @ R59.00ea, Scissor tail Damsels @ R59.00ea, Clowns (Clarki) @ R98.00ea.

    Along with: Cleaner Shrimps (Lrg) @ R215.00ea, Fire Shrimps (Lrg) @ R329.00ea, Light Colour Carpet Anemonies @ R395.00ea.

    Some really nice livestock. Come on in and see what we have for you.


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