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Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 1 Feb 2013.

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    Hi All

    We have just received the following from Kenya.

    Tangs - Powder Blues @ R225.00ea, Regals (S) @ R159.00ea, Sailfins & Clowns @ R129.00ea, Convicts @ R79.00ea, Brown @ R119.00ea, Blue Eye & Golden Eye @ R179.00ea.
    Damsels - Green Chromis & Dominos - R59.00ea.
    Gold Head Gobies - R149.00ea.
    Wrasses - Yellow Tailed Tamarin & Formosa @ R169.00ea.
    African Flameback Angel (Jumping Bean) - R279.00ea.
    Blackback Butterfly - R119.00ea & Lion Fish @ R220.00ea.
    Anemonie Crabs - R49.00ea
    Turbo Snails - R39.00ea
    Feather Dusters - R99.00ea
    Pumping Xenia Corals - R179.00ea.

    We also have the following on Special: Adult Emperor Angel - R649.00, Cinnamon and Clarki Clowns @ R89.00ea, Yellow wrasses @ R139.00ea, Lubbocks Fairy Wrass @ R129.00ea, Wimple Fish - R179.00ea, Bi colour Blennies @ R169.00ea, Yellow Coral Goby - R149.00, Klein's Butterfly @ R169.00.

    We also are running specials on all Kent & Cape Coral Care products (less 20%). Aquamedic and Seachem Reef Salt has been reduced to R595.00ea for 25 and 20kg buckets respectively.

    Apart from this, we are also discounting certain of our Eheim and Elite Equipment (Canister Filters, Pumps etc) by up to 50%.

    Take advantage of these low prices and come in to stock up on everything that you need!!!


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    Please reserve wimples and small regal for me.will come through tomorrow.

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