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    Hi There

    We've received the following Fish and Inverts from Bali.

    Red Hermit Crabs, Yellow/Green Tube Worms, Purple and Yellow Sponge Brittle stars, Turbo Snails, Blue /Green Chromis, Domino Damsels, Yellowtailed Damoiselle, Green Wrass, Golden Rainbowfish, Sixlined Wrass, Cleaner Wrass, Pearl-Scaled Angels, Psychedelic Fish, Bicolour Coral Goby.

    We have some great specials on our Reef salt as follows:
    Aquavitro Salinity (one of the very best Reef Salts avaliable in SA). 29.75kg bucket makes 850l. Was R1239.00 now only R999.00 & 15.87kg bucket makes 450l. Was R732.00 now only R 590.00.
    Seachem Reef Salt (very good Reef Salt). 20.2kg makes 600l. Was R825.00 per bucket now only R750.00.
    Apart from this, we are still running our Aquamedic Reef Salt special. 25kg makes 750l of high quality salt water. These buckets are going for R695.00ea or buy two for R630.00ea (A great deal!!!).

    We advise that we will be closed on Friday 9 August but will be open again on Saturday.



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