Last Shipment of the Year received

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 19 Dec 2014.

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    Hi All

    I mentioned in my previous post that I was expecting another shipment in a very short period of time. Well, here it is and it is fantastic!!!

    Tangs - Sail fin @ R239.00ea, One Spot @ R259.00ea, Yellow Fin @ R329.00ea, Chocolate @ R259.00ea.

    Angels - Japanese Swallow Tails @ R289.00ea, Bicolour @ R269.00ea, Coral Beauty @ R249.00ea, Heraldi (Yellow) @ R249.00ea, Regal (Stunning) @ R549.00ea

    Butterfly - Yellow Long Nose @ R239.00ea, Copperband @ R229.00ea.

    Clown Fish - Black Ocellaris @ R195.00ea, Ocellaris @ R98.00ea, Pinky / Skunk @ R98.00ea, Tomato @ R98.00ea,

    Gobies - Golden Headed @ R139.00ea, Scissor Tail @ R129.00ea, Fire Fish @ R129.00ea.

    Along with: Yellow/Orange Boxfish @ R169.00ea, Green Mandarins @ R195.00ea, Strawberry & Diadema Dottybacks @ R149.00ea, Red Ruby Dragonets @ R335.00ea, Fairy Wrasse @ R245.00ea, White Radianthus Anemonies @ R180.00ea (Sml) & Long Tentacle Radianthus Anemonies @ R395.00ea

    This shipment along with yesterday's means that we have a great selection of stock for you to choose from.

    For those looking for great Live rock that is pest free and does not damage the Worlds' reefs, come on in and see our selection of "Real Reef Rock". This fantastic Live rock substitute is priced at only R229.00 per kg and looks amazing.

    I'm hoping to see you all in-store getting yourselves some great stock at low prices!!!


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    Can i call dibs on - Japanese Swallow Tails @ R289.00ea. How many in stock?

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