Last Shipment of the year received!!!

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    Good day All

    We,ve received our last shipment for this year. The prices are really excellent so come and visit the store and check out what we've got in.

    Dwarf Angels-Bicolour, Coral Beauty, Heraldi & Rusty @ only R239.00ea.
    Butterflys-Threadfin @ R169.00ea & Long Nose @ R269.00ea.
    Tangs-Sailfins @ R239.00ea & Lipstick @ R269.00ea.
    Goldies @ R119.00ea.
    Blue Stipped Face Sandsifting Gobies @ R129.00ea.
    Fire Gobies @ R159.00ea.
    Mandarins @ R159.00ea.
    Strawberry Gramma @ R169.00ea.
    Cleaner Wrasses @ R98.00ea.
    Humbug Damsel @ R59.00ea.
    Three spot Damsel @ R59.00ea.
    Green Chromis @ R59.00ea.
    Arabian Asfur Angel @ R459.00.
    Clarki Clowns @ R119.00ea.
    Yellow Damsel @ R98.00ea.
    Plus much much more well aclimatised livestock.

    We are giving a Christmas special on all our older Marine fish stocks of less 20% (this shipment not included).

    We wish to take this oportunity to thank all our customers for the support given throughout the year and to wish you all a fantastic Christmas and a really great new year.


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