Last Shipment of the year received - FANTASTIC

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 22 Dec 2012.

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    28 Nov 2011
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    Good morning Everyone

    Yup, it's here - a large, exciting shipment of Fish, Crabs & Turbo Snails all at very competative prices. So, come on in and get your last livestock for this year!!!

    We have received the following:

    Copperbands - R169.00ea, Clowns (Cinnamon, Common, Clarki) all @ R95.00ea, Wrasses (Cleaner, Blue Scaled Fairy, Moon, Lubbock's Fairy, Yellow-fin Flasher, Yellow & Leopard), Damsels (Three Stripe, Electric, Three Spot, Blue-Yellow Tailed, Green Chromis all @ R59.00ea along with Allen's @ R98.00ea), Fox-faces @ R285.00ea, Klein's Butterfly @ R189.00ea, Threadfin Butterfly @ 149.00ea, Tangs (Scopas - R185.00ea, Convicts @ R120.00ea & Bristle-tooth @ R169.00), Angels (White Tailed Blue Pygmy @ R169.00, Bicolours & Keyhole @ R195.00ea), Black Patch Triggers @ R189.00ea, Yellow Lined Jawfish - R169.00ea, Pretty Prawn Goby - R169.00ea, Royal Dottybacks - R139.00.

    We also have receive Turbo Snails - R39.00ea, Hermit Crabs - R39.00ea & Red Starfish @ R85.00ea.

    Also check out our other stocks from the previous shipments of Fish, Corals, Anemonies and Shrimps and other specials that we are running.

    Rather that phoning us, come into the store and see what great stock we have for you @ very affordable prices!!!!

    Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas and all the best for the new year.


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    I am interested in the hermits and turbos.

    PM sent.

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