Last chance to win uShaka Platinum Passes or Meet a Dolphin

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    For all East Coast rock lobster, mussel, oyster, mud crab and mollusc / general bait permit-holders

    Thank you very much to all who participated in the previous surveys of lobster, mussel, oyster and general bait collection in KZN. Your responses were added to a database documenting long-term invertebrate collection in KZN. This information is important and is used to improve management of recreational fisheries. Participants in our April and July surveys were also entered into a lucky draw for a few prizes.

    It is now time to survey your collection efforts from July to September 2011. As in the April and July survey, all survey participants will be entered into a lucky draw for the following prizes:

    First prize: Two uShaka Platinum Passes – free entry into Sea World and Wet ‘n Wild for a whole year
    Second prize: Sea World Meet a Dolphin experience for two people
    Third prize: A choice of one Island adventure experience (Xpanda Shark dive, Ocean Walker and Avis Snorkel Lagoon – subject to availability) for two people at Sea World
    Four consolation prizes: Two Sea World / Wet ‘n Wild combo tickets :)

    The prize draw will be on 16 January 2012 at the Oceanographic Research Institute and winners will be contacted by phone before 31 January 2012. To qualify for the prizes you must have an East Coast rock lobster, mud crab, mussel, oyster or mollusc / general bait permit and complete in full the survey about your harvesting activities from July to September 2011. Complete the survey at or go to the ORI website ( and click on INVERT SURVEY. The questionnaire should take no longer than five minutes. Please complete the survey even if you caught nothing – this information is important. You may only complete the questionnaire once per survey, but are allowed to participate in all of the 2011 surveys (in April, July and October 2011) and improve your chance of winning a prize. Please fill in your personal details in full and provide a phone number where you can be contacted between 16-31 January 2012 during office hours. Your information will remain confidential. Thank you very much for your help. :thanks:
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    Does the permit to collect Marine animals for Aquariums qualify?

    If not, then I'm out. Most likely most of the members on this forum as well.
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