large Sri-Lanka Shipment received

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    Hi All

    We've received the following fantastic Livestock from Sri-Lanka.

    Shrimps-Cleaners @ R195.00ea, Fire @ R359.00ea, Dancing @ R89.00ea & Boxing @ R149.00ea
    Angels-Yellow Fin, Blue Fin & Pearlscales @ R189.00ea
    Surgeons-Black - R149.00ea, Yellow Eye @ R339.00ea, Naso @ R395.00ea, Clowns @ R239.00ea, Tennenti (Lieutenent) @ R349.00ea.
    Wrasses-Yellow @ R129.00ea, Blue Cleaners @ R98.00ea, Blue/Green @ R195.00ea, Checkerboard @ R139.00ea, Fairy @ R195.00ea.
    Gobies-Valencia @ R139.00ea, Sleeper @ R129.00ea.
    Plus: Banner Fish - R295.00ea, Polkadot Grouper @ R195.00ea, Anthias (Goldies) @ R105.00ea, Bicolour Blennies - R129.00ea, Yellow Line Sweetlips, Picasso Trigerfish @ R195.00ea, Three Spot & Yellow tailed Damsels @ R69.00ea.

    We now have a large range of very good quality Fish, Corals and other Inverts just waiting for you to come and look at!!!

    Wishing you all a great day.

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