Large Shipment received - Kenya.

Discussion in 'Aquatic Vision' started by Rayhaan, 13 Jul 2013.

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    Hi All

    Yup, we,ve received another shipment of stunning Fish & Anemonies from Kenya that are really worth looking at.

    Red Based Long Tentacle (Large). Stunning Green, Green/White & White Carpet Anemonies.
    Yellow Breasted Tamarins, Wrasses-Radiant, Small-Tailed, Six striped, Cleaner & Checkerboard.
    Damsels-Three Spot, Blue/Yellow, Blue/Green Chromis & Lined Chromis.
    Surgeons/Tangs-Orange Spine Unicorn, Convict, Spot-Cheeked & Regals.
    Butterfly-Sickle, Threadfin & Racoon.
    Goldies-Threadfin & Yellow-Tailed.
    Along with Selarias Blennies, Fire Gobies, Alard's and Yellow Bellied Clowns & African Flame Back Dwarf Angels.
    Plus a Load of other livestock Avaliable (Shrimps, Soft & Hard Corals and other Fish).

    Come on down to the store and don't miss out on some fantastic stuff!!!!



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