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    28 Nov 2011
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    Hi All.

    We've received the following stunning Fish, Corals & Inverts from Indonesia:


    Goldies, Ocellaris Clowns, Kauderni (Bengani) Cardinals, Copperbands, Scopas Tangs, Allen's Damels, Pacific Sailfin Tangs, Purple Tangs, Royal Blue Pygmy Angels, Royal Dottybacks, Skunk Clowns, Sellaris Blennies.


    Cauliflower Soft Corals (Orange/Pink/Red), Cabbage Soft Corals (Pink), Red Soft Tree Coral, Branched Pagoda Corals (Green/Yellow), Yellow Cup Coral, Brains (Green/Dark Green/Metalic Green, Red, large Red), Tooth Corals (Red), Moon corals (Green/Brown, Green), Plate Corals (Long Tentacle Green/Short Tentacle Green & Red), Yellow Barley Polyps, Tongue Coral, Green Torch Corals, Green Bubbles, Green Hammers, Frog Spawns, Green Finger Soft Corals, Star Polyps (metalic Green/ Bright Green/White). We also have Red Starfish, Anemonies and Urchins along with Cleaner, Fire and Boxing Shrimps.

    We have received new stock of Aquamedic Reef Salt and put it on a great special. Get 25kg (750l) for only R695.00 ea or, buy two for only R630.00 ea.

    So, come on in and get some great deals from us @ very competative prices. you'll be really missing out if you don't.


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    Do you have any zoas or ricordeas?
    And can you please post a pic of the Brown/Green Moon Coral and the price?
    Can you fly them airport to airport to PE?
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