Large Fish shipment received

28 Nov 2011
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Brackenfell, Cape Town
Hi All

We've received a really exciting shipment of great looking Fish with some Inverts included. Check out this list!!

Powder Blue Surgeon - R575.00ea
Clown Surgeon - R295.00ea
Lipstick Tang - R325.00ea
Convict Surgeon - R198.00ea
Unicorn Tang - R225.00ea
Emperor Angel (Juv) - R645.00ea
Blue Ring Angel (Juv) - R645.00ea
Koran Angel (Juv) - R285.00ea
White Goby - R139.00ea
Green Goby - R235.00ea
Scorpion Blenny - R235.00ea
Dragon Goby - R159.00ea
Red Tailed Blenny - R159.00ea
Diamond Goby - R185.00ea
Golden Wrasse - R169.00ea
Cleaner Wrasse - R139.00ea
Deep Sea Wrasse - R229.00ea
Marble Wrasse - R229.00ea
Matara Wrasse - R229.00ea
Sand Milk Goby - R139.00ea
Social Fairy Wrasse - R279.00ea
Pearl Toby (puffer) - R239.00ea
Black fin Trigger - R298.00ea
Redtooth Trigger - R239.00ea
Spotted Trigger - R239.00ea
Undulated Trigger - R298.00ea
Rectangle Trigger - R239.00ea
Sharpnose Puffer - R189.00ea
Devil Scorpion Fish (Lionfish) - R349.00ea
White Banner Fish - R459.00ea
Long Nose Butterfly - R429.00ea

Plus : Long Tentacle Anemones - R395.00ea, Carpet Anemones - R395.00ea, Orange Spot Nudibranchs - R69.00ea, Tiger Shrimps - R215.00ea, Cleaner Shrimps - R336.00ea

Don't miss out on this fantastic livestock especially as we've kept prices as low as possible!!!


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