RSS Lagoon Blue Powerchrome T5 lamp adds to Giesemann’s rainbow of fluorescent bulbs

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    The Lagoon Blue Powerchrome T5 bulb is a new lamp color from Giesemann which is designed to complement the other blue lamps in the Powerchrome series. Like the Aquablue+ and Actinic lamps, the Giesemann Powerchrome Lagoon Blue lamp is a blue fluorescent lamp which is described as being a strong turquoise color with a high component of white spectrum. The Powerchrome Lagoon Blue was designed to stimulate good coral growth, as well as providing a slightly different shade from the teal, blue and near-purple lamps currently available.

    T5 users should rejoice in the announcement of a new T5 fluorescent lamp as their releases are getting fewer and farther between. T5 bulbs still grow corals gangbusters but they are losing the*efficiency*title to LEDs and many reefers are losing their taste for replacing a dozen lamps a year just to keep the corals bright. With most reef keepers going for either LEDs or halides, we may not see the development of new T5 lamps at near the same rate as the development of new LED components and fixtures. Big ups to Giesemann for continuing to develop new colors for users of the legacy T5 fluorescent bulb.
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