RSS Kraken reactor is Avast Marine’s private reserve specially designed for biopellets

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8 May 2007
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The Kraken is the latest top shelf product from Avast Marine to be part of the exclusive Captain’s Reserve line. Especially made for biopellet use, the Kraken reactor is made of smoked acrylic to prevent the penetration of bacteria-retarding light. The Kraken also features*heavy duty 3/8″ thick flanges and reinforced media plates with ideal mesh size for keeping biopellets inside the reactor.

The real strength of the Kraken is that swanky*biopellet mixing nozzle*that Avast Marine first showed off several months ago. This nozzle features extensive engineering to aggressively stir biopellets within a reactor and thoroughly mixing the solid carbon dosing media with the water flowing through it. The Kraken holds up to three liters of biopellets within a 7 inch square footprint and a mixing chamber that is 21 inches tall.

The heavy duty, highly over-built Kraken Reactor, is a limited edition number of the Captain’s Reserve and only 100 units will ever be made for the retail price of $225. The Kraken will be available very soon but the first unveiling will be at*ReefStock*2013 where we will have one in the raffle. Thanks Avast!

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