RSS Korralenwelt video highlights the build of Stefan Kadatz’s spectacular reef system

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    Korrallenwelt is a ceramic rock manufacturer located in Germany, and to highlight their rocks they’ve created a video featuring the absolutely spectacular reef of Stefan Kadatz. The video features the tank build from initial renderings all the way to maturity a year later, and although the music will drive you nuts, the eye candy in the video make it very worth watching. Stefan Kadatz is a perfectionist, and every little detail of this build shows for it. An inspiration for us all.

    Click here to view the embedded video.

    For those interested, the main display measures 71 x 25½ x 27½ inches (180 cm x 65 cm x 70 cm) and holds 210 gallons (800 liters). The system is illuminated by an AquaPhoton fixture with six 80-watt T5 fluorescent bulbs and two 150-watt HQIs. Flow is provided by two Abyzz 400 pumps which are plumed into a closed loop system neatly hidden within the artificial rock. A* Mini Bubble King 180 protein skimmer takes care of the skimming, and along with regular water changes keeps parameters in check. A Titan 1500 keeps the system cool during the summer months.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Click here to read the article...

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