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    KoralSea is an interesting marine aquaculture company from Ireland that supplies live foods like copepods and live macroalgae to feed your favorite marine critters. The company’s tagline is “aquarium life through science” and it shows when you scroll through their website.

    The company raises all their corals, fish and live foods in a controlled environment to ensure they are high quality disease resistant and pest-free from parasites. They also work with their retailer chain to ensure the products are in stock, fresh and ready to go.

    At first glance, you start thinking they are along the lines of a company like ORA or Sustainable Aquatics with aquacultured livestock like hard and soft corals, fish and even Berghia Nudibranch. Then you see their live food products and it gets more interesting. There are three main products under this category — phytoplankton, copepods and a live algae product.

    K-Phyto is their live phytoplankton mix that is a highly concentrated live mix of four species of marine phytoplankton, perfect for filter feeders and larval fish.

    For those looking to add live copepods and rotifers to your tank to increase biodiversity and give your tank some tasty morsels to munch on, their K-Zoo is a live mix of marine benthic and pelagic copepods with rotifers.If you have tangs or other herbivores, K-Fuzz is a live marine algae food from the acrochaetium family that provides plenty of natural vitamins to improve color in your fish.

    Two of the more intriguing products the company sells are macroalgae in a can. They sell both chaetomorpha and Caulerpa prolifera for nutrient export of food. Although many hobbyists grab this from people they know (after all, you don’t need much to build up a healthy batch), having a clean batch of pest-free macro is a nice option to start your system on the right front.

    Rounding out the portfolio are additives including calcium, magnesium, alkalinity buffer and an ammonia/chlorine detox solution. Overall the company’s products look compelling and it is good to know reefers in the UK have access to quality products like these. The company’s products look like they are available in 20+ locations throughout the UK. [KoralSea]

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