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    The Hydor Koralia SmartWave pump controller is a very good looking device that just oozes with good aesthetic design. As the name implies, the SmartWave is designed to be a simple pump timer, alternating the current between two channels, or driving both channels in unison. Hydor tells us that the Koralia SmartWave pump controller will be UL listed and that it will be released in the U.S. in late April for a “very interesting price”.

    The outlets of the Koralia SmartWave can handle up to 100 watts and the timing interval of pump switching can be adjusted with a dial anywhere from five seconds to six hours in duration. The Koralia Smartwave was designed for use with the wavemaker-friendly Koralia Evolution pumps, but it should work with any powerhead or pump which is capable of rapid switching. It will be interesting to see how the Koralia SmartWave compares to the Sicce Wave Surfer in price and features, as it would be very interesting indeed to see some pre-packaged bundles of Koralia pumps with the SmartWave.
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