Kids First Day @ School

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    My kid turned 3 @ the end of April we actually wanted to enrol him in a montessorri @ the beginning of this year but my mum made a fuss about this (you guys know how grans can be , since she takes care of him while we @ work).

    Anyways after much discussion we enrolled him , yesterday the wife and I went to school with him just for an hour as time was almost up and he cried etc but we waited for him.

    This morning i had the task of taking him to school and for a 3 year old , he already knew what was happening in that i was taking him ti school. To cut a long story short , he cried his lungs outs and im back @ work but can't stop thinking how my boy is doing .....

    I know that I have to let him go to school etc and the sooner the better but why do i feel like this .....
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    Afsal, I think most parents including me went through this. We get so used to having them around all the time and all of a sudden they are not there for half the day. When my kid went to school, for the fist week the wife phoned the teacher every hour to check up on him. Then when he was back at home and causing kak, you'll her screaming like a mad woman. :lol:

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