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    Imagine that we didn’t live in a world with designer clownfish, no platinums, no perculas and no snowflakes either. If we lived in that world and you happened to see this pair of*Picasso*percula clownfish in the offices of LiveAquaria you would be absolutely*flabbergasted.

    Since we do live in a world with myriad forms of many different species of clownfish, it’s sometimes possible to forget what little miracles these wonders of nature, shaped by man, can look like. The case in point is Kevin Kohen’s absolutely stupendous perfect pair of Picasso percula clownfish, from ORA, which are the pinnacle of what this strain can look like. picasso-clownfish-2.jpg We most often see designer clownfish as countless numbers of juvenile, immature and easy to discount for looking a little weird, having funky fins or stubby faces, but Kevin’s pair is different. These two amazing specimens are nearly flawless with bold blacks and vivid oranges and whites, with an even distribution of each color, and it’s clear to see why Kevin held onto them. picasso-clownfish.jpg

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    One day this will be a reality here

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