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    The Kessil A150W Amazon Sun is the daylight version of the company’s popular LED pendant fixtures that is being unveiled today. The Kessil Amazon Sun mimics a natural, 6,700K white light and although it is geared towards the freshwater market, this would be a great fixture to give you a PAR boost, in conjunction with the Kessil Deep Ocean Blue spotlight*or other blue LED supplementation for a reef tank or as an option for a refugium or grow-out tank.

    Using Kessil’s proprietary Dense Matrix LED and that sips only 36W of power and is estimated to last 40,000 hours. The light has been tested at Albany Aquarium, a LFS specializing in planted aquariums in northern California, for almost a year with success (see YouTube video below). After working on different color temperatures, the team settled on the 6,700K look that combined the functionality of grow lights,*aesthetics*of the fixture and how best to display the planted freshwater tank.

    “Kessil’s engineering team perfected a special LED phosphor recipe to illuminate and enhance plant growth and color in your freshwater aquarium,” said Brian Chiang, Vice President of Marketing. “Amazon Sun simulates a bright, sunny day. It’s the ideal color temperature for freshwater tanks.”

    According to Kessil, what makes the Amazon Sun a bit more unique is the phosphor formula and mix of wavelengths that create the look and function. The challenge for them was to create something with strong visual appeal that produced good growth.

    Kessil’s A150W Amazon Sun will be immediately available in the U.S. market. For more information on A150W Amazon Sun or other Kessil products,visit*

    Click here to view the embedded video.

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    this thing will grow cheato like mad.
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