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8 May 2007
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The Kessil Mounting Arm is a new mounting solution for installing any of Kessil’s LED spotlights and fixture. Up until now Kessil has been the only major light manufacturer to offer a reasonably nice and adjustable gooseneck mounting arm, but we realize some people don’t find gooseneck classy enough for the living room.

The Mounting Arms were officially released in November, but the supply on these is just now starting to catch up. Each mounting arm is fully adjustable in height, and in length over the tank, so you can dial in the precise location of your Kessil light relative to your corals and aquascape.

Besides being fully adjustable, the Kessil Mounting Arm’s most clever trick is being thick enough to receive the electrical cables that supply power to Kessil’s LED lights. This new mounting solution from Kessil is fully compatible with both rimmed and rimless tanks.

The only thing you lose by using the Kessil Mounting Arm compared to the goosenecks is the ability to angle and direct the light, something which Kessil spotlights are quite amenable to doing. Since the Kessil Mounting Arm is compatible with the A160 and A360 spotlights, the mounting arm is sold singly for $65 or as a pair for $130 for mounting the AP700.
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