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    The Kessil A150W LED fixtures have always been a great fixtures for a great price, but now that Kessil has dropped the price of their A150W lights these LED fixtures are an absolute steal. The Kessil A150W was previously selling at $265, but you can now pick the *Kessil A150W *up for just a little over two bills at $225. Certainly a great*opportunity*to pick up a LED light if you have been on the fence because of the initial cost. But with the price drop comes questions. Is Kessil simply lowering their price to be even more*competitive? Or is something else going on?

    It could very well be that Kessil is clearing their last inventory, and maybe, just maybe we’ll be seeing a second generation A150W soon. It has been almost two years since their release after all, and it would make sense to do some upgrades. We can’t know for certain yet, but either way with the new pricing the A150w is a very sweat deal whether they are clearing inventory or not.
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    Hmmmm another LED Fixture coming down in price...maybe they are also going second generation...:)

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