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    The Kessil A360 is the name of the mysterious LED fixture spotted at ReefStock last weekend, getting all cozy with the Apex controller. Coming in a narrow beam A360N and wide angle A360W, Kessil’s new flagship LED spotlights are packing a lot more than meets the eye.

    The Kessil A360N & A360W indeed to have two ports, an 0-10v DC input and an output which allows users to string a number of Kessil A360 LEDs together in series. The first unit in the daisy-chain is the master controller wherein all subsequent A360s will*mimic*the color and intensity of the first. Alternatively, the first Kessil A360 can be made another link in the chain by jacking into the variable speed port of the Apex controller, and probably others as well.

    The best new feature of the Kessil A360N & A360W is the one that is not immediately apparent, Kessil Logic. Although the new Kessil A360s have two knobs, these no longer control two independent channels of control. Instead Kessil has developed what it calls Kessil Logic, where one knob controls the color blending from all blue to all white, and the other knob controls the brightness. With Kessil Logic the A360 series of LED spotlights can deliver 30% more power at both ends of the spectrum, not bad indeed.

    The A360N and A360W start shipping in the U.S. market before the end of March at the retail price of $449. The lights are currently going through CE certification, and are scheduled to begin delivery into the European market this fall.

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