Kessil A350/360W - Pharos 90w Gen 2

29 Dec 2011
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Hi Guys,

Looking for advice on which in your opinion with be better for a 65x65x50h cubish tank

Look forward to any responses
Loving the way advice is given without actually experiencing these units :)

A very interesting point to note, go onto their Facebook page and take a closer look as to how many units they use vs tank size to demonstrate the units

Cannot comment as we have no experience but this is the first thing that jumped out to me.
Ooh competition...
It's got absolutely nothing to do with competition, its about giving new users advice based on experience. No reference was made to any other product. Competition is good.

In this post you mention the unit is going to be cheap, in another post it was mentioned "if you have the bucks go kelo"

You've never tried the unit, you don't know it's performance, you don't know it's reliability nor after service support.

That's the only point I'm trying to make, ensuring the poster gets sound advice to make the best informed decision.

Sorry Kingfish I hope my comments should benefit your quest in your search. Good luck, with all the options out there it does become a tough choice.

I advise all reefers to make a tick list, and the unit that ticks the most boxes should be the one of your choice.
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Cool guys, thank you for your comments, all comments are welcome and we learn things all the time
Have not any of these lights in action as yet, anyone with either can invite me to view if possible
This is the Pharos 90w at about 60 percent.

Please note I am not trying to argue which unit is better as I have no experience with the Kessil or the Kelo lights. I'm just trying to give you an example to help see what the light's can do. Hopefully someone with a Kessil unit can help as well.

Are you limiting your options to just between the Kessil and Pharos units?
Hi Guys,

Not really limited to those two,

My concern with the secondhand unit is that they not being brought into the country and i would not know how to fix them should something go wrong ?
Looking for advice on which in your opinion with be better for a 65x65x50h cubish tank
They are both good lights, probably best to check the coverage on each of them to see if they'll cover your sized tank. I run the Pharos on a 60x40 tank and the Pharos covers the whole tank very well, plus the features on it are great, the dusk and dawn and moon cycle features are brilliant. Not sure what the Kessil is like, haven't looked into those.
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