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8 May 2007
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The Kessil A2000 is a new jumbo size commercial aquarium LED spotlight that will surprise visitors to this year’s Regional Aquarium Workshop. The Kessil A2000 is significantly bigger than any other LED light in the Kessil catalog with a Dense Matrix Array bigger that dwarfs every multichip LED we’ve ever seen.

Kessil has designed the A2000 to be equivalent to a 2000 watt light source, with the light actually delivering somewhere between 800 and 1000 watts of powerful LED light. This density of LED power comes not from a few Dense Matrix Arrays but a single expansive chip.


The Kessil A2000 dwarfs the A360 led spotlight

The multichip LED for the Kessil A2000 has somewhere around 440 individual diodes packed into an area less than one inch in diameter. Like their previous Dense Matrix Arrays, the Kessil A2000 clusters all its diodes under a single primary lens and it is backed up by a secondary reflector to get all that light down into the aquarium water.

While the Kessil A2000 fixture may be a prototype, the 440 LED multichip has actually been tested in house for around five years, so it’s safe to say that Kessil has put it through its paces and they know how to keep this baby cool. Kessil will still employ active vapor heatsink cooling but with a custom design which makes the A2000 significantly smaller than the massive lights from Giesemann and MaxSpect which use a commercially available vapor heat sink.


The internals of the Kessil A2000 is packed with a custom-designed vapor heatsink to cool the 800 to 1000 watts of power

Pricing on the Kessil A2000 has not yet been announced but we expect it to be relatively competitive, and it is expected to incorporate the same tunable color and spectrum features that are found in the Kessil A160, A360 and AP700. One thing we do know about Kessil is that they like to take their sweet time refining and perfecting their products; it’ll probably be another year until the Kessil A2000 is available for purchase but you can rest assured we’ll have a lot more updates on this exciting new light from Kessil.


The entire suite of Kessil’s LED lighting products from the smallest A160 on the left to the newly revealed Kessil A2000 on the right


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