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    The Kessil A160WE is the new version of the A150 LED spotlight which first thrust Kessil onto the reef aquarium scene as a bonafide light manufacturer. With this new release, Kessil gifts a new light the size of the A150 with increased power, brightness, and controllability, in two different spectra.

    Kessil has been busy designing new lights and products to compliment their lighting range including the Aquarium Panel AP700 and standalone Kessil Spectral Controller. The new A160WE from Kessil is expected to run up to 40 watts of power with increased LED efficiency gains which first granted the A360 its ‘WE’ moniker.

    The new smallest LED spotlight from Kessil will include the full “Kessil Logic” controlling system for adjusting brightness and color, and it will be fully compatible with the Kessil Spectral Controller. Kessil will be offering the Kessil A360WE in two colors, a Tuna Blue with a color temperature from 10K to full actinic blue and a Tuna Sun colored between 6K and 9,000 Kelvin.

    At this point we can only assume that the new A160WE will have hard-wired input and outputs for connector cables and daisy chain like the current A360WE, but it’s safe to say it will have at least one control knob, perhaps with dual action for accessing color and brightness. Kessil will likely be offering their new LED spotlight for under $300 but it’s hard to say if it will fall closer in line with current A150 pricing, and whether it will replace the A150 or live alongside it on LFS product shelves.

    Stay tuned for full details this weekend once MACNA 2014 is fully underway.
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