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    Kessil’s been partially quiet about its forthcoming Kessil A160we LED spotlight, the next generation upgrade to the Kessil A150 that really launched the company into the marine aquarium hobby. the Kessil A160we brings two levels of performance improvements over its predecessor, first in controllability and second in power output and efficiency.

    The Kessil A160we is basically the smaller incarnation of the A360 LED spotlights with full color and intensity controllability accessible by onboard adjustment knobs. Furthermore the A160we also has input and outputs for the control signal and it daisy chains just like its bigger brother the A360s – you can even daisy chain A160s A360s as if they are all the same.

    The second part of the A160we’s improved performance comes from the ‘we’ part of the moniker which imparts on the A160 the same efficiency gains that saw the A360we get a 15% efficiency boost. As if that wasn’t enough to make the A160we a real winner, it now also boast increased power rating of 40 watts, compared to 34 watts in previous models.

    The reason that Kessil has reigned in the promotions for the A160we is that they’ve promised a lion’s share to UK aquarium distributor Evolution Aqua for use as the stock lighting option in a number of their all in one reef aquarium setups. Despite that, Kessil will begin shipping a number of Kessil A160we units in limited quantities to American marine aquarium dealers, but the supply will be kind of small as Kessil works to fill its demand abroad first.

    As reefers in America we almost always get first dibs on all the new and high tech American-made reef gear so we can’t complain too much to be second in line for the new Kessil A160we LED spotlights. besides, there’s no doubt that Kessil’s newest LED spotlight will be a real performer and together with the Spectral Controller it will be a high end LED lighting option with tons of functionality and flexibility.
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