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    The Kessil A150WE and 360WE Tuna Sun are two new LED spotlights announced this weekend, one of which was first demoed at ReefStock in Denver Colorado. Like the Tuna Blue that Kessil first released to the marine aquarium hobby with two different spectra and channels, the A360WE Tuna Sun also benefits from the double dials.

    However, the A360WE Tuna Sun benefits from the newer*360*technology that controls color with one knob, and overall intensity with the other, for increased brightness at either ends of the spectrum. Speaking of spectrum, the Tuna Sun ranges from a yellowish 6,000K to a flat white color to a pinkish 9,000K at the other end of the spectrum.

    Kessil might be marketing the 360WE Tuna Sun for planted tanks and terrariums only, its bright white color is very high in PAR and could make a great primary nutritious light in*any aquarium, especially a shallow water acropora aquarium where blue light is not as beneficial for growth. At least 5-8 years ago we would have swooned for a white LED light this bright and controllable.

    Meanwhile, Kessil has also announced a newer, brighter version of the workhorse Kessil A150, the A150WE which gains the same bumps in lighting efficiency and brightness that all the 360s enjoyed with the release of the WE series. Interestingly, the marine hobby has been the main market for the original A150 but the new WE spec bump has only been announced in an Amazon Sun color form, at least for now. Perhaps this is a “planted aquarium” focused announcement or maybe the venerable A150 is due to be upgraded for reef tanks in the near future.

    The controllable Kessil A360WE be controlled via a 0-10VDC signal to simulate the stages of the sun, and takes advantage of many*advances in technology. The “Double Peak” Technology comes from Kessil’s Horticulture line and produces wavelengths that mimic the sun, and provide for the increased photosynthetic absorption. The Tuna Sun, has Kessil Logic, which allows the color to be changed while maintaining the intensity of light.

    <span style="font-size: 14px;line-height: 1.5em">Both new lights have the unique shimmer that Kessil lights are known for. The Tuna Sun and the new Amazon Sun use the recently released E-Series (Enhanced) LED’s, which is 15% more efficient and is the only LED tuned to produce the “Double Peak” Spectrum.*The A150WE Amazon Sun is available now and the A360WE Tuna Sun will start shipping the end of March.
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