Kenya shipment landed

Discussion in 'Pet Stop SA' started by Moolis Moolman, 17 Apr 2012.

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    Hi guys

    As per usual we landed some great marines from Kenya today!

    This is the list of species that just landed. (REMEMBER – we have lots and lots of other stock in our aquariums already, so do not hesitate to came and visit!)

    Morris Idol
    Skunk-striped Anemonefish
    Blue-green Cromis
    Allard´s clownfish
    Blue striped Pipe Fish
    Zebra Lionfish
    Jewelled Roskskipper (redfin)
    Threadfin Goldie
    Lyretail Coralfish (Nice Color)
    Powder blue tang
    Clown SurgeonFish
    Yellow tongue(Rare)
    Spot-Cheeked Surgeonfish
    Desjardin`s Sailfin Tang
    Gold eye docter
    Powder blue tang
    Spotted Unicornfish
    Cleaner Wrasser
    Yellowbreasted Tamarin
    Exquisite Wrasser
    Mystery Wrasser
    Bluelined Wrasser
    Yellowbreasted Tamarin
    Lybia boxing crab
    Porcelain/Glass Shrimp
    Sea Hare
    Leather coral L
    Leather coral XXXL

    You must see the NEW LED UNIT IN ACTION over our small cube, it is something different :)

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