kenya and indo fish on special at sams

Discussion in 'SAMS Aquarium' started by ebrahim sams aquarium, 31 Mar 2012.

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    22 Aug 2011
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    Bergvliet, Cape Town
    Powder blues r249
    yellow eye surgeons r175
    clown surgeons r149
    convict surgeons r125
    unicorns r175
    extra large blonde naso/lipstick tangs r895 (stunning fish)
    small yellow tangs r550
    threadfin butterfly r98
    kleini butterfly r125
    cleaner wrasse r69
    ocellaris clowns r89
    true percula r120
    tomato clowns r120
    yellow tail damsels r39
    diamond back gobies r169
    cleaner shrimp r139
    green carpet anemone r695
    moorish idol r125
    sweetlips r175
    regal tangs r230
    guinea fowl wrasse r149
    green chromis r39
    yellow docter r165
    koran angel r198
    jumping bean r295
    goldhead gobies r159
    selaris gobies r98

    all corals less 15%
    more in store specials on seachem,redsea,ocean nutrition,ruto frozens,aqua medic an plenty more.

    Only valid on sat 31 an sun 1
    open sat 7 to 5
    sun 7 to 4
    call us on 021 7122534
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    Cape Town
    Hi guys. Any easter specials for this weekend?

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