Kelvin Rating Chart

7 May 2007
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Thanks bud, easier for new reefers to find the info here than having to go hunt all over the web.
I once came across a page that had multiple photo's of a tank under different K lights and let you select 2 and compare them. Stupidly I didn't bookmark this but if you find it please let us all know... I'm pretty sure it was done by Sanjay Joshi but can't find it on his site and no amount of googling has helped me.
This is quite a cool bulb comparison excercise that shows what the difference looks like in out tank. Although they comparing 250W MH bulbs it will give you an idea of what the different kelvin ratings look like.
Takes a few minutes to load but worth it ;)
Really like the comparison chart Anthony, especially the inclusion of par values! Amazing how nothing compares to the par of an iwasaki globe!
Pity they did not include BLV bulbs in their "study"
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