3 Jul 2007
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cape town
Hi All

Sorry for not introducing myself sooner , but i am not a internet guru and finally found my way to say "HI" to you all.

I have just build a 1.5 x 500 x 800 lxbxh tank with sump - a weipro 2016 skimmer.

Very happy to have found this site - I have loads of patience & time on my hands so any advice would be appreaciated.

Some of you have inspiring set-ups.

Cheers for now
Excited Beginner - Keith
Hey Keith, welcome to the forum :)

Have you got any photo's of your setup?
hey viper ,thanx for welcome - I have pics , but don't know how to send them to you as i am still trying to find my feet @ using the internet / e-mail. Any tips ??????
Best way is to upload your pics to an image hosting site like then simply copy and paste the IMG code into your post.

I assume your pics are stored on your pc

Create an account at (it's free)

Upload your pics, it's best to resize them to about 800x600 before you upload them

Once your pic has been uploaded you will see 3 or 4 text boxes underneath a smaller version of your image, one of these boxes is labelled IMG, simply left click in that box (code is automatically copied) then right click and paste the code into your post, it will look something like this


Please shout if you need any help, here or by PM or email.
Welcome Keith.
Looking good well done :)

I don't think you can upload an entire folder, but you can upload 20 individual pics at a time, underneath the upload boxes click on "add more", this will open up 20 upload boxes.
thanx viper ,

you were a big help , tank has been running for two weeks , moved approx 50kg of live rock from old tank doing well so far . thanx .
No problem, now feed us some more pics :)

Are you running a sump?
Hey Keith welcome to MASA :D

Great looking tank :thumbup: Feel free to ask as many questions as you want and we will do our best not to confuse you too much :)
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