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    Karen Brittain is at it again with an attempt to rear another rare angelfish, this time making progress with the bandit angelfish, Apolemichthys arcuatus. We came across this video of the*bandit angelfish larvae posted by Bruce Carlson and are impressed to see the early results. If you may recall in December, we learned about Karen raising the Watanabe angelfish*and this would mark the second time*Apolemichthys arcuatus*was raised in captivity. According to the video notes, Frank Baensch of*Reef Culture Technologies*raised two in the past.

    The video was captured using just the available light and a high ISO to produce a somewhat grainy yet surprising video of the*larvae. We are looking forward to more updates from Karen and Bruce.

    Rearing bandit angelfish - Karen Brittain, February 19, 2013 - YouTube
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