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8 May 2007
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When we first heard about Kamoer dosing pumps, we didn’t know what to make of the company, or their dosing units. Their dosing pump design is pretty straightforward, and with so many rebadged products coming from OEMs in China, we held Kamoer with suspicion until we could see how their products fared in the market, and long term over people’s aquariums.

The new dosing pumps from Kamoer include the KCP Adjustable flow rate dosing pump, the KSP-F01 dosing pump with stepper motors, and the KSP-F01A single dosing pump unit. The KSCP is the simplest dosing pump from Kamoer, with no ‘on’ or ‘off’ switch, or built-in controller, but a single rheostat knob that can set the desired speed of the peristaltic pump motor.

The Kamoer KCP dosing pump is great when you’re not really trying to dose a specific amount of fluid, but just trying to maybe get by adding a little food in bursts, probably best used with a basic timer or switching outlet. You don’t get a whole lot of functionality from the KCP Adjustable Flow doser from Kamoer but at $99 that’s not so bad when you need a really basic low volume water moving device.

The KSP-F01A might be one of the most interesting dosing pumps from Kamoer. This unit is the most versatile way to dose from Kamoer with a myriad of ways that the doser can dispense the fluid you want.


The Kamoer KSP-F01A can be daisy chained in series, and each module can carry it own programming which includes discrete dosing amounts at precies times, continuous dosing, any any variation thereof which can be customized for duration adn frequency. Priced at $129 per unit, this is not the most economical way to dose up to four different elements but if you’re really OCD about how you want your fluids dosed, the KSP-F01A is the way to go.

Last but not least, the Kamoer KSP-F01 is the stepper motor-powered dosing pump in the family. With a stepper motor driving the peristaltic assembly, the KSP model has the potential to be the most accurate doser in Kamoer’s stables, provided by the onboard calibration of fluids that more and more dosers are beginning to include.

The KSP-F01 dosing pump is the highest pressure and most accurate model from Kamoer and it is priced at $349. This model is well suited to being a feed pump for calcium reactors and calcium reactors, not only for the pressure it delivers, but for the reliable and accurate amount of fluid that it dispenses.


Kamoer’s  fresh new crop of various dosing pumps and dosing systems fill all ranges and needs. With their existing dosing pump, a wireless dosing pump and water change system, it’s clear that Kamoer is positioning itself as the only brand that caters specifically to all things dosing. Kamoer still doesn’t have a bluetooth-controlled Doser 2, or an Apex-Ready dosing system like the DoS, but at this rate it’s probably only a mater of time before Kamoer fills those niches too. [Kamoer]
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