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    Deepwater Aquatics has imported and begun distributing a high quality multi-channel aquarium dosing pump made by Kamoer out of China.*Kamoer is an unknown brand in the aquarium scene, but they are well known in the medical and laboratory fields for making all kinds of equipment, not the least of which is various types of peristaltic pump.

    With this expertise in their back pocket, they’ve had a nice little multi-channel dosing pump on the general market for a few years now, with a couple which are particularly well suited to aquarium use. The one in focus today is the Kamoer three-channel master unit with built-in controller.

    With a nearly identical*layout as the more familiar Bubble Magus dosing pump, the Kamoer is made of higher quality materials, a larger easier to read screen, and peristaltic pumps with better quality control. Deepwater Aquatics claims that one of the main advantages is that the better pumps of the Kamoer are more precisely calibrated and they keep it longer.

    Priced at the same $299 as the Bubble Magus, it’s a no-brainer to go with the Kamoer 3-channel dosing pump. A four channel *master unit might make it’s way to the US beginning early next year for just a little bit more coin while a four channel slave will be available around the same time for around $200. [Salty Supply]

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