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  1. Marius Geyser

    Marius Geyser

    22 Jun 2013
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    Hi All
    I want to dose kalkwasser with a with a profilux reef computer.
    This is what I want to do

    Kalk stirrer
    Ph probe
    dosing unit or small pump connected from ro reservoir to kalk strirrer.
    when ph drop below a certain amount profilux will switch on small pump dosing kalk in to system.
    Also to only dose a couple of seconds 30 or so.
    And only dose during the day.

    Any thoughts on this method. Is anybody else doing something similar.
    I am looking for a method to control ph.
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  3. Idol Marine

    Idol Marine

    17 Apr 2012
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    Not the best way. The best way is via a kalk stirrer with a pressure pump connected to your auto top up. Every time you fill with water the profilux will stir the kalk and fill the tank. You must not add any kalk powder directly to your tank as huge pH swings will occur. This could lead to pH shock.
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