Juwel Rekord 600 "add-ons"

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    16 Nov 2011
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    I have a Juwel Rekord 600 (63l) tank and I want to do some DIY add-ons to the tank, but I'm not sure of what projects would be compatible with each other.

    Here Is a list of DIY project and please post what I should keep, toss, why and how I can Improve on a project. (please note that the following projects are external and that the tank shall be used for a soft coral only tank).

    1) Protein skimmer (A must have)
    2) DSB (might not work with a protein skimmer for there shall be too little waste for the DSB to work efficiently [I don't know?])
    3) Canister filter (I would like It to be a "free flow" [No buildup of waste] and what can I add? [Chemical filtration and such])
    4) Fluidized bed filter (? [I'm clueless])
    5) Zeovite reactor (?[Even more clueless])
    6) Your add-ons! (I'm not a millionaire so don't go mad with Ideas).

    OMG! There are so many options! I'm thinking of 1, 2 and 3. No. 3 will have chemicals like purigen and phosguard. I'm also trying to make It an "all In one" project.

    Please note that this tread is open for debate and all positive and negative comments are welcome for It shall better my understanding on filtration methods from experienced reefers.
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  3. James Labuschagne

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    no fish = very little waste,

    therefore very little filtration required. No DSb no Skimmer maybe just a canister filter,

    anyone else?
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    8 Jun 2011
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    I would say it depends on how your tank looks, a picture would help.
    Does it have a back compartment sump area?

    1) The skimmer is always a good option.
    2)I really think an external sump is a waste on such a small tank, and I wouldn't put one in the tank, as in the long run they need to be redone and you don't want to have to take every thing out the tank.
    3)Is an option a few people have done this succesfully.
    5) This complicated and you will need a strong skimmer and I think you would need an external sump.

    I would say go for the protein skimmer in the back compartment, or hang on back if you don't have a back compartment.
    Also try get some chemical filteration running this helps a lot with nanos.
    If it doesn't have a back compartment, I might even put an HOB filter on it to put the chemical filteration, some floss and maybe even some cheato in.

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