RSS Juvenile conspicuous angelfish still looks perfect after a year in captivity

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    This juvenile conspicuous angelfish, Chaetodontoplus conspicillatus, made our weekend when we spotted it in Chris Campbell’s 500 gallon fish only display aquarium. We first visited this conspic angelfish over a year ago when he was being quarantined by Chris in a tank right alongside the perky juvenile bandit angelfish that we shared with you last year.

    A year ago this conspicuous angelfish was barely topping two inches (5 cm) with nearly perfect adult coloration, and now a year later it still displays amazing coloration even though it’s just barely scratching four inches (10 cm) in length. Overall Chris’s fish tank is one of the nicest fish displays we’ve seen in years, nevermind the fact that it is loaded with some of the most awesome rare marine fish around. Huge thanks to Chris for letting us visit him this weekend and we’ll be following up with a few more videos of his awesome and rare marine fish.
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