RSS Just how important are Cleaner Wrasses to reef ecosystems?

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    Answer: VERY. A recent study published in PLoS ONE concludes that when cleaner wrasses are removed from a reef, reef fishes were much smaller, much less abundant, and much less diverse. If their high captive mortality rates weren't reason enough to dissuade aquarists from purchasing cleaner wrasses, this study should convince everyone why they should never be collected.

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    I fully agree with the published study...but in true essence if we the aquarists see these cleaner wrasse in the lfs we can actually educate the lfs owner about this..we too have the chance to provide proper care for them in our already matured eco set up..and could have them live a healthy life further..instead of it being sold to a novice who cannot provide for them..they sometimes don't acclimatize so well and don't eat live foods at all and slowly starve to death..educating the lfs not to import them has to be done in a shuttle manner as all take things more personal than others..
    just my 2 cents..:whistling:

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