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    Hello all reefers!!

    Just browsing the forum like any other day looking at gr8 builds and following threads eagerly for new information, tips and tricks of the hobby and off course looking at PICS PICS PICS.

    I see beautiful pics of corals, fish and inverts, but don't always see descriptions of what the names of these species is. Normally i would search online encyclopedia's looking for a match to get a name...but this is not very accurate and most off the time ending up with no results.

    Just a friendly request, and it would be much appreciated, will the posters please name the corals and fish and inverts and....so that we can learn what they are. And only names for like when there is an individual coral on the photo. Not asking to name each coral when you post a full tank shot :p

    I think that it would not only help all our newbies but also more experienced reefers to help ID in the future.

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