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    JUNE 2013 Marine Shipment

    Occelaris Clowns ** CAPTIVE BRED
    Percular Clowns ** CAPTIVE BRED
    Black Percular Clowns ** CAPTIVE BRED
    Platinum Wide Band Designer Clown
    Blue-Green Chromis
    Blue Star Damsel
    Pajama Cardinal
    Bangai Cardinal
    Fire Fish
    Purple Fire Fish
    Mandarin Fish
    Assorted Anthias
    Sand Sifting Goby (Ladder Glider)
    Orange-marked Goby
    Pink-and Blue Spotted Goby
    Yellow Prawn Goby (Male)
    Yellow Clown Goby
    Striped Rock Algae Blenny
    Striped Fang Blenny
    Bicolor Blenny
    Cleaner Wrasse
    Golden Banana Wrasse
    Angula Flasher Wrasse
    Lubbock Fairy Wrasse
    Six-Lined Wrasse
    Golden Dottyback
    Purple Orchid Dottyback
    Bicolor Angel
    Grey Orange-Striped Angel - Eibli
    Pearlscale Angel - Pearl-Scale Angel
    Koran Angel
    Zebra Angel - Lamarck
    Achilles Tang (SOLD)
    Achilles sold sorry, but come and view the quality we get in !
    Regal Tang XL
    Yellow Tang
    Purple Tang
    Scopas Black Tang
    Naso Tang (True Blonde) and Orange Spine Naso
    Desjardin's Sailfin Tang
    Foxface Medium
    Foxface Large
    Barred Rabbitfish
    Raccoon Butterfly
    Porcupine Fish L
    Bullethead Rockskipper
    Red-Tailed Filefish
    Zebra Lionfish
    Reticulated Puffer
    Blue Triggerfish

    Red Fire Shrimps
    Cleaner Shrimp
    Scarlet Cleaner Shrimps
    Peppermint Shrimps
    Purple Reef Lobster
    Tube Worms - Red/White : Yellow White
    Cerianthus Sunrise Tube Anemone
    Pyramid/Turbo/Nasarrius/Paradise SNAILS
    Blue Legged Hermits (Elegans)
    Sand Sifting Starfish
    Blue Starfish
    Marine Macro Algae
    White Purple Tip Anemone (Rose)
    Bubble Green/Pink Tip Anemone (Rose)

    Handpick - Acropora MED **SPECIAL **
    Handpick - Purple Discticopora Coral
    Handpick - Blastos **SPECIAL **
    Handpick - Stylophora Coral
    Handpick - Pink Birdsnest
    Handpick - Blue/Red/Pink Button Polyps
    Handpick - Red Ringed Mushroom **
    Handpick - Montipora
    Frags - Soft Corals on Plugs
    Umbrella/Toadstool Pins Soft Coral
    Leather Soft / Finger Corals
    Colt Coral
    Stick Polyps
    Yellow Polyps
    Blue Daisy Polyps
    Green Daisy Polyps
    Green Clove Polyps
    Yellow/Green Clove Polyps
    Star Polyps
    White Star Polyps
    Metallic Green Star Polyps and Green Skin
    Rainbow Polyp Garden
    Assorted Mushrooms
    Blue / Red Mushrooms
    Assorted Zoas / Vietnam Zoas
    Green Metallic Moon/Pineapple Coral
    Branching / Hammer Coral
    Torch Coral
    Green Metalic Frog Spawn Coral
    Skeletons Coral
    Bubble Coral
    Open Brain Coral / Metallics
    Pineapple Coral
    Plate Coral - Pagoda
    Goniopora - Purple Lemon Coral
    Goniopora - Green Coral
    Green Candycane
    Metallic Green Candycane
    Tongue Coral
    Pipe Corals (Green and White Polyps)
    Lettuce Coral
    Pearl Coral
    Porites Tubeworms
    Fox Coral
    Orange Sun Corals

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